If you’re looking for an honest, down-to-earth, supportive, and challenging clinical supervisor in pursuit of your clinical licensure hours, or just to beef up your skills no matter where you are in your career, look no further. One of my favorite ways to teach others and help heal the community around me is by helping clinicians expand their horizons and look at the world through a trauma-informed lens. I have extensive training in EMDR, and incorporate Ego State Therapy and Internal Family Systems work into my own sessions with clients as a result. This affords me a unique point of view when taking into consideration clients’ concerns, diagnostics, treatment planning, and therapy dynamics which leaves my supervisees feeling empowered, encouraged, and confident. I love helping supervisees identify out-of-the-box ways in which to continue doing their own work to show up as the best version of themselves they can be for their clients.

I have a major passion for doing individual clinical supervision and business coaching for those looking to enter private practice, or looking to grow their private practice or rebrand. It’s my way of finding creative expression, and I love tying in the self-work that others often don’t realize is closely connected to entrepreneurship.

One of my favorite ways to do this work, besides individually of course, is in a group format. I believe that each of us have something unique and powerful to offer the world, so I love the energy and flow of a clinical supervision group. I currently run one for clinicians who are currently enrolled in a master’s program, or people who have newly graduated. I’d love to run a group of more seasoned clinicians as well- it’s wonderful to see how different individuals consider the same cases/concerns and the resultant advice and products are unmeasurable. I believe ongoing supervision is a vital component of what makes us great clinicians, and I would love to be part of your story. If you’re interested in supervision with me, please contact me directly at rebecca@mhccholistichealth.org for either individual or group supervision options!

 Clinical Supervision Group

Rebecca is excited to announce that she is running a monthly online supervision group for new clinicians working towards LPC licensure, or clinicians looking to stay sharp in their diagnostic and treatment planning skills! The group offers a convenient, dynamic opportunity to participate in case discussions through a trauma-informed lens!

Email to apply at Rebecca@mhccholistichealth.hush.com!

Next Group Date: July 17, 2019 12-2 pm, $60 per person. Limited spots available- apply today!

Individual Supervision

Rebecca also has great passion for one-on-one work with all kinds of clinicians! She loves working with new clinicians who are thinking of focusing on trauma or eventually desiring to work in private practice. She also loves working with seasoned clinicians who are finding the field to be less rewarding than they had thought, want to open a private practice, or are feeling isolated in their current practice. Counselors are a wonderful group of people who are often focused on meeting the needs of others first and need to learn how to care for themselves- let Rebecca help you find your center and your passion!

Email at Rebecca@mhccholistichealth.hush.com!