Clinical Supervision Membership


Clinical Supervision Membership

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The basic package includes:

One two-hour supervision group per month, where we will be discussing case conceptualizations, diagnostics, treatment planning and evaluation of goals, insurance concerns, niching, and smashing through roadblocks to confidence together in online and/or in-person groups;

One free individual supervision/coaching hour with me per year;

Discounted rates on additional group or individual sessions, for life;

Access to our secret Facebook group where we will engage in non-clinical discussions, support each other, and share resources, and where I will respond to every post;

A meaningful network of confident, skilled, and self-actualized clinicians, who want to help individuals to recover from their traumas;

Instruction on meaningful networking practices, business, and brand-building as a clinician if you have an interest in private practice work- including a discussion on what you can do now and mistakes you can avoid making even early in your educational career!

Member Supervision Pricing:

EMDR Individual Consultation:*Please note that I am an EMDRIA consultant-in-training until October 2019, at which point my rates will increase: $40 per hour per person (for both individual and group), separate from monthly membership fee

Non-EMDR Individual Supervision/Consultation: $80 per hour after the free annual individual session, unlimited for life

Non-EMDR Group (3 or more) Supervision/Consultation: $40 per hour per person after the first two-hour group session included in membership

Monthly Cost of Supervision Group Basic Package:

Before February 1, 2019: $75

After February 1, 2019: $100

**note: if you are looking to have me sign off on licensure hours for you, please ensure that your state’s requirements allow me to do so as a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Connecticut.

**Sessions may be in-person or online depending on preference.