Our Mission

At MHCC, our mission is to promote healing within our community by helping the individual to heal. This is done by creating a partnership with each client, as we journey together towards wholeness. We promote proactive intervention, healthy active lifestyles, and harmonious balance rather than focusing simply on problems, symptoms, illness, and cure. No client is alone, however the client is the one who is the expert on their own lives and may need some guidance in how to use the tools they don’t even realize they have!

We believe people are defined by strengths and attributes and that each person adds something beautiful and unique to our community. People are not defined by illness or trauma. People are defined by how they recover from illness and trauma, and how they re-enter the community as people who are whole, unique, and in possession of the knowledge that they have something amazing to offer to the world.

We believe in the unity of the mind, body, and spirit in the lives of all. We practice what we preach and enjoy each individual journey side-by-side with our clients. Every single person has the ability to self-heal, regardless of socioeconomic status, culture, handicap, gender, race, sexuality, etc. All individuals open to their own journey towards wholeness are welcome and can expect to receive love at MHCC. All can heal within themselves and each individual is an important piece of our community. At MHCC, no one is ever alone. 

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