Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

This is a type of therapy which incorporates a dual awareness (bringing someone completely into a memory, thought, or hypothetical situation) while the person is simultaneously aware they are in the therapy room. The therapist then coaches the client through a series of eye movements to change where the trauma memories are stored and how the person responds to both the prior memories and any similar future situations. This is often utilized with highly traumatized clients, as well as less traumatized clients, those suffering from anxiety/phobias, depressed clients, and those struggling with chronic relapse, impulse control issues, and sugar/specific food cravings. This is also a type of treatment which can be utilized in bereavement/grief therapy.

Currently, Rebecca, Chantaul, and Julie all provide EMDR.

Strengths-Based Perspective

This is more of a theoretical framework, and it's one that is important to us at MHCC. Often, by the time clients get to our doorstep they are more than acutely aware of their problems and things that are "wrong with them." While it is important for us to know what feels wrong to a client so I can learn about their functioning and how to get them back to a place where they feel happier and more comfortable, we find it immensely powerful to also look for the positives and strengths. Not because we are eternal optimists, but because often people lose sight of the things that they do well because they become overly identified with their problems. When that happens, people often like the idea of getting better, but they struggle with doing the actual work because they have become so enmeshed with their problems that they no longer know who they are without them! This can be worked through, and takes a ton of exploration, but this is where empowerment and mindfulness will come into play during therapy with us. We often incorporate all of these schools of thought during sessions, while borrowing from others such as therapeutic challenging, internal family systems processing, psychoanalysis, humanistic approaches, and much more- depending on the needs of the client and the nature of the therapeutic goals!


We offer individual sessions for children and adults, family sessions, couples' sessions, and at times offer specific groups! Very often, we will start out working with a client individually, for example, and find that they would benefit from a family therapy session or couples' session to continue working towards our treatment goals. Provided everyone is on the same page, we may run a session or two of an adjunct therapy like family or couples work depending on the situation. In other situations, we've gone the opposite way, where we have started working with a family and found that in order for the family to truly heal, some individual work has needed to be done. This will be well-discussed with all parties involved and planned accordingly.

We offer Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Accelerated Resolution Therapy.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT prescribe medications, and we do NOT provide anger management classes or any form of substance abuse treatment for those who are currently using or have not been in full recovery with other supports for less than two years. We are happy to refer out to other providers should you or your loved one have a need for these services.